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Programs >> Engineering and Technology Programs

Enroll in an Engineering Program at Pickens Technical College

Thinking about a career in engineering? You may have considered a technical school in the past, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right fit. Pickens Technical College offers premier engineering programs in Aurora, CO designed to train you for your future career. Engineering is a lucrative career path, and one that has many specialties to choose from. Perhaps you’re interested in how electronics function, or maybe you want to work as a welder on a construction site. Whatever the case, Pickens Technical College has a program of study geared toward your aptitudes and career plans. Read more about each of our engineering programs or visit our admissions office for more information.

Cyber Technician Program

If you’ve always had a knack for computers, our Cyber Technician Program may be the course of study for you. This program is designed to cover all the bases when it comes to computers, including installation, maintenance, repair, office networks, and cybersecurity. As computing becomes more and more advanced, the need is greater than ever for professionals in this field. Students don’t merely come away with the foundations of secure networks—we focus on teaching an in-depth curriculum that makes our graduates credible as they search for a job after graduation. Upon completion of this course at our career college, students are prepared for several industry-standard examinations.

Electronics Technician Program

Home services companies and construction sites are always looking for experienced electronics technicians. In fact, employment in this profession is projected to stay stable over the next decade, indicating a continued need for these skills. The Electronics Technician Program at our technical school prepares students to succeed on the job. Our courses emphasize hands-on learning with a study in electronic theory and applied mathematics. Students have the opportunity to learn from Mr. John Holmes, who holds 25 years of experience and a background in applications engineering and testing medical devices. Many of our students go straight into the workforce as successful maintenance or electrical test technicians, while others choose to further their education at an Aurora community college.

Coding for Android Program

Many students choose a career college like Pickens because they want to apply their skills to practical use. With our Coding for Android Program, students put their creative skills to the test. Our students learn to write code and program using JAVA and Apple’s Software Development. By the end of the course, students have conceived of and created their own application to be available for download on Apple’s App Store. Coding for Android is also taught by Mr. John Holmes, who brings a plethora of knowledge from working as a Regional Manager of Applications Engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing Program

Among our most popular engineering programs is the Advanced Manufacturing Program. This course of study combines traditional lectures and hands-on shop learning. We’ll cover safety standards, measurement, blueprints, and operating standard equipment. Many of our students get a little extra experience with an apprenticeship at a local manufacturing shop. Upon completing this course at our technical school, graduates are well prepared for an entry-level position as a machinist or manufacturing specialist. Instructors Michael Townsend and Sean Hennessy have nearly 30 years of combined experience in teaching manufacturing.

Welding Program

Skill in welding opens numerous opportunities for graduates of all ages. Pickens Technical College is proud to offer a comprehensive Welding Program to prepare students for an entry-level job or further education in their field. This program melds classroom instruction and applied training in industry-standard welding techniques. Students complete coursework in blueprint reading, maintenance welding, oxyfuel and plasma cutting, and much more. After finishing our rigorous courses, students may sit for the American Welding Society Plate Certification and apply for positions as pipe welders, fabricators, and several others.

Get in Touch with Your Program of Choice

Have we piqued your interest in one of our engineering programs? Our technical school in Aurora, CO is well-known for having produced some of the top talent across several facets of the local engineering industry. Many of our students aspire to be the next app developer, while others want to make a living welding on major construction projects. Whatever the case for you, Pickens Technical College is the stepping stone you need to achieve your goals. Feel free to reach out to the admissions office or instructors in your program of choice. We’re always happy to help you decide on the career path best for you.

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