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Programs >> Skilled Trades >> Automotive Technology Program

Automotive Technology Program in Aurora, CO

The Automotive Technology Program provides students with the needed skills and attitudes for successful entry into an automotive servicing career. This well paying field has many opportunities for employment because historically there have been few new technicians entering the field.

Pickens not only teaches students how to fix a car; but also how to go out and get a job after completing school. The Pickens automotive shop has all of the latest equipment so students are not learning on outdated tools. The class provides experience in all eight specialty areas. Additionally, students are prepared for ASE testing and certification. During the last 3 weeks of school students are placed in an internship at a local shop or dealership. Many of our students end up being hired after the internship. Pickens Tech has an advantage that the private colleges do not. After successful completion of the Automotive Technician program, students may continue their studies at the Community College of Aurora, earning their Associates of Applied Science degree with only 15 additional credits.


Master Automotive Service Technician Certificate

In addition, the student may also earn the following industry-based certificates:

  • SP/2 Safety Certificates
  • Ford Service Online Training
  • Hunter Alignment
  • Snap-On Certification
  • Subaru Web-Based Training

Students must be 18 years old at the time of graduation of the second year.



Instructor Rolf Werner

Rolf Werner is an ASE Master Technician who works with students to place them into the automotive industry and make sure they have a career not just a job.

Mr. Werner has taught at Pickens for 10 years. He came to Pickens as an automotive department adviser, and served on the Occupational Advisory Committee. At that time, Mr. Werner would sometimes fill in for the instructor. He later became the full-time instructor.

Mr. Werner has worked in the automotive industry for 45 years. During that time he worked at Dealerships for 15 years. He graduated from Volkswagen/Audi factory school in Los Angeles, California and then started as a Certified Broom Technician before moving on to Line Technician, to Shop Foreman, to Service Advisor, and then finally to Service Manager. Mr. Werner then opened his own shop 20 years ago. His shop soon became the top euro shop in Aurora.

Mr. Werner then decided to get involved with the Automotive Service Association (ASA). Mr. Werner served on the Colorado board for 10 years and before being asked to serve as the state director. From there he became involved at a national level and served on the national board for 8 years. Eventually Mr. Werner became the National Director of A.S.A which is the highest office that can be held within this industry. Mr. Werner now feels he is giving back by training the next generation of technicians.

Mr. Werner is an ASE Master Certified automotive technician with 6 manufacturer master certifications. He has a Masters Degree in Automotive Business Management.

Mr. Werner feels that Pickens Technical College is the best place to get started in a career that is fun and satisfying. He loves cars and brings that love to students. Hi motto: “Go Fast, but go on a track.”

Mr. Werner has taught at the University of Denver (DU), in addition to teaching at Pickens.


Graduated from Denver Automotive and Diesel College
Graduated from Volkswagen/Audi factory school in L.A. Calif. Worked at Dealers for 15 years, started as a certified broom technician, then a line technician, then Shop Foreman, to Service Adviser and finally to Service Manager. After opening my own shop 20 years ago, I decided to get involved with the Automotive Service Association (ASA).


Master AAM
ASE Master Technician
Audi Master Technician
Volkswagen Master Technician
Isuzu Master Technician
Suzuki Master Technician
Land Rover Master Technician
Alfa Ramiro Master Technician
Accredited Automotive Manager for the Automotive Management Institute Doctor of Motors from Denver Automotive and Diesel College

Just here, this job found me and I have loved every minute of it. Love the people I work with and wow what a bunch of talented teachers. Really have had some great leadership from the administrative team as well.

Instructor Ed Martin



Most of Mr. Martin’s experience was acquired in Ford dealerships, but he also has experience in independent shops. Mr. Martin has also owned his own shop. To keep his shop running properly, Mr. Martin pushed brooms, paid bills and did everything else under the sun.

Mr. Martin is a member of IATN, which stands for International Automotive Technicians Network. He also serves as a board member on the National Board of Directors for NACAT (North American Council of Automotive Teachers)

Mr. Martin says that he never really chose to teach; instead teaching chose him. He modestly explains; “For some reason I had the ability to explain things to my fellow technicians in a way that it made sense to them. When management discovered this ability, they embraced it in a more formal way by asking me to be an AYES Mentor.”

At that time, Mr. Martin’s job was to teach high school students, showing them what he did to earn a salary and allowing them to decide if that type of work appealed to them. The students usually had an internship that lasted for two summers. Watching the students decide whether or not to continue their training in Automotive Technology and seeing the impact he was having on their lives, was very fulfilling for Mr. Martin. He began teaching as a career at that time. Mr. Werner says, “I have not regretted it for a minute, I love doing what I do.”

Mr. Martin is an ASE Master Technician with a Light Duty Diesel Certification. He has also achieved Senior Master Technician with Ford Motor Company.


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